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Machining and manufacture of composite (non-metal) products using CNC technology.

Usage in power plants or as spare parts in the electrical industry.


Company Morlak d.o.o. offers a complete range of machining of all kinds of non-metals ( composites ), from simple parts to high-quality products, in addition to supporting the acquisition of insulation materials, warehousing and logistics.

Given the specificity of the product, manufacturing facility is specially equipped and specialized in dry processing.


The process is done according to customer requirements of materials which we supply - TECHNICAL LAMINATES: Pertinax, textolite, fiberglass, utifol, pressboard and other insulation materials. Processing and manufacture of tubes, rods and plate materials, according to the draft of the customer.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest CNC technology, which includes all branches of machining (turning, milling, drilling, engraving) and provides speed, accuracy and quality of final product.



- Reducing the cost of the product

- Reducing the processing deadlines

- High precision

- Possibility of individual and mass production


As suppliers and manufacturers, we put special emphasis on product quality, professionalism in communication with clients and adherence to agreed deadlines.

Company Morlak attained a reputation of a reliable and responsible partner with years of knowledge and experience that ensure quality and accurate service.